De toekomst ziet er rooskleurig uit voor voorspellende realtime data-analyse in de land- en tuinbouw
Predictive Real-time Data Analytics

Agri and Horticulture

Keep It Simple Predictive Real-time Data Analytics

How Predictive Real-time Data Analytics can be used in agriculture?

A well-developed AI system can help growers to optimize resources efficiency, and enabling indoor farms to be more sustainable, viable, and profitable. By implementing Predictive Real-time Data Analytics across greenhouse processes, AI can support in making informed decisions based on the provided data and convince growers about efficiency and sustainability.

Predictive Real-time Data Analytics can help farmers analyze the health of crops in real-time, create predictive analytics related to future yields and help farmers make resource management decisions based on proven trends.

It Requires Data To Be Successful

Predictive Real-time Data Analytics requires data to be successful, data that is corrupt, incomplete or incorrect will provide insights that are not correct. Data from all kinds and types of outdoor field sensors, temperature and light sensors and many more will be collected. Our data gateway will share the collection of data at each level which will be critical for the success of Predictive Real-time Data Analytics.


Important Parameters

  • Soil moisture
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water detection (rain drop value)
  • Light intensity

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